Be careful of Virtual World


While enjoying work at the office or returning from office in the office-cab or travelling in public transport I noticed one common phenomena and that is almost every second/third person is glued to some of the gadgets in his/her hand. It actually doesn’t matter what gadget it is – whatever it is, it surely would be connected with Internet.

And what do they do with it ——– They remain actively engaged in social networking through Whatsup, Facebook, Twitter and many more bla bla bla…. What am I trying to say…. Is it a bad thing to be socially active on internet? No, as long as this social networking doesn’t create any problem in your personal life—– which means as long as this social networking doesn’t take you away from your Real Life —– which is your family, your close relationships —— it is not at all bad. But in the contrary if this virtual world of internet has to a great extent absorbed you in itself (which can only be seen and never be touched) and you are more active on internet than in your personal life (the Real Life) then surely it is taking you away from your life just like the strong wind takes the boat away from the shore.

I have seen people who are more interested in this fake virtual world than in the real world, who have enough time to chat with people on Whatsup but least for their family; who can go on seeing Facebook Pictures even in the late night but can’t spend time with their family.

But they must remember that this Virtual World is not the Real World. And happiness can be enjoyed in Real World only. They themselves are not actually living in the Virtual World; their existence is in the Real Breathing World. This Virtual World can never be their Real Place of living. No matter how much time they spent on internet —- they finally have to live here in this Ever Shinning, Ever Throbbing Real World which has their true relationships.  


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